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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

My Top 5 Places to Scuba Dive, Rarotonga, The Cook Islands

You can get your scuba diving certification at the neighborhood indoor pool over the course of 3 months or you can do it in the South Pacific over the course of three days. Cook Island Divers is where I learned to scuba dive and it resulted in one of my first travel stories back in 1991. Perhaps I’m feeling nostalgic, but it’s hard not to praise Greg Wilson, one of the finest instructors in the business. It also don’t hurt that the surrounding ocean offers visibility over 100 feet and water temperatures in the 75 to 85 degree range. If you’re thinking about obtaining your scuba diving certification, this would be my top choice. Then continue onward to the pristine waters of Aitutaki, Taveuni’s Rainbow Reef, and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Stay at the Sunset Resort, where you can recline on the beach.


Posted by Steve Jermanok on 02/04/14 at 11:00 AM
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Do you know if there is a way to get from Aitutaki to Tavenui by boat - there does not seem to be any air connection between the cook Islands and Fiji unless one goes to Aukland - so I was wondering if I fly into Raratonga and go to Aitutaki can I somehow get from there to Tavenui (in June). Any help would be appreciated.

Picture of Ron Toseland Comment by Ron Toseland
on 02/21/15 at 05:43 PM

Ron, Air New Zealand used to have free stopovers in Fiji from the Cook Islands to Auckland. But I couldn't find it any more. You can fly to French Polynesia directly from Raro and dive Rangiroa. Nice alternative to Taveuni, though Taveuni is still my favorite place to dive in the world. Learned to scuba dive in the Cook Islands. Visibility is exceptional. Have a great trip!

Picture of Steve Jermanok Comment by Steve Jermanok
on 02/22/15 at 10:54 AM

I just received a comment that I can fly from Rarotonga to French Polynesia but I can't find any flights that do that. Can you please tell me what airline flies from Raratonga to French Polynesia. Thanks

Picture of Ron Toseland Comment by Ron Toseland
on 02/22/15 at 12:54 PM

Air Tahiti flies twice a week from Raro to Papeete. Flight time is around 3 hours direct.

Picture of Steve Jermanok Comment by Steve Jermanok
on 02/22/15 at 02:34 PM

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